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Fast combines creamy vanilla and chocolate chips for latest Rox release

fast sweden stracciatella rox protein bar

The widely available Swedish snack and supplement brand Fast, known for its rather dense but tasty Rox Protein Bar, has announced what appears to be a new flavor of that very bar. The reason we’re not too sure on whether it’s another flavor or an all-new product is Fast has not branded it in line with the rest of the Rox Protein Bar family, although it does say it’s a part of the Rox Series.

The name of Fast’s new flavor of the Rox Series protein bar is actually quite interesting with Stracciatella, which is an Italian gelato flavor combining vanilla and chocolate flakes. It’s sort of like a chocolate chip vanilla or even cookies and cream to some extent. Either way, it’s a flavor Fast is trying to deliver in its newest Rox Protein Bar combining a creamy vanilla base with sweet chocolate chips.

Like the other flavors of Fast’s Rox Protein Bar, Stracciatella packs the usual 20g of protein per bar with no added sugar, and if the rest of its macros are similar, you’ll be looking at between 201 to 207 calories.

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