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Newcomer Fusion talks about Mad Titan launch and its upcoming pump product

fusion sports performance interview and pump product confirmation

Fusion Sports Performance is a relatively new supplement company that hit the market early last year with three products. Those products cover you from most angles of your workout, with Super Soldier before exercise, the amino Healing Factor for post-workout recovery, and the protein powder 100% Whey Isolate powered, of course, by premium whey isolate.

Early this year, Fusion Sports Performance introduced an all-new pre-workout, aiming for a slightly more intense experience compared to Super Soldier, with the Avengers-themed Mad Titan. We recently sat down with the founder of the brand, Marat, to talk about Fusion’s launch, its growth, how the release of Mad Titan has gone, and what’s currently in the works.

You can check out our latest podcast interview with Marat from Fusion Sports Performance, on all of the usual platforms, including Spotify, Google, and iTunes. In the interview, we get confirmation that a fifth supplement from Fusion is on the horizon with a pump enhancing product in capsule form that can be stacked with Mad Titan and Super Soldier.

As mentioned, Fusion Sports Performance is still a very new supplement company but is growing in distribution and reach. If you’d like to find out more about the brand and get a closer look at its products, head to its website. Also, as usual, stay tuned here at Stack3d for updates on Fusion moving forward, especially regarding its upcoming pump supplement.