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Game Day Review: MAN delivers its best pre-workout in years

Game Day is MAN Sports’ premium, stimulant pre-workout that has been in its lineup for as long as we can remember. It has changed a lot over the years in both branding and formula, and has delivered some seriously competitive performances. For 2020, the brand decided to update Game Day with a fresh new look to match the rest of its lineup and give it a more modern formula.

As soon as you see the combination of ingredients behind the 2020 edition of Game Day, it’s relatively clear MAN Sports has put a lot of attention on the stimulant side. It comes with an intense blend of energy and focus ingredients, with a couple of others to improve muscle pumps. We’ve been running the pre-workout over the past few weeks and are pleased to say; it is one of the best Game Days we’ve tried.

man sports game day review


MAN Sports blend of ingredients for energy and focus, does indeed translate into an intense blend of effects in the gym. The 2020 edition of Game Day comes through with a strong hit of energy right from the start, paired with an amplifying enhanced focus. The two benefits get you in the ideal frame of mind before starting a workout and give you the fuel to tackle each and every set head-on.

The more interesting part about the energy and focus in MAN Sports Game Day is they don’t really fade, drop off, or crash. There wasn’t a workout where we felt the pre-workout wore off; it was only afterward, the benefits gradually subsided, and even then, they hung around. The star effects of the supplement simply stay strong from your first exercise, or at least when it kicks in, all the way down to your last.

man sports game day review

As mentioned, there are some ingredients in MAN Sports newest Game Day to help with pumps, however they aren’t really that effective with everything else that’s going on. We did successfully stack the pre-workout with other pump products, so while it’s not an area worth highlighting for Game Day, the simple solution would be to stack it to get that more comprehensive performance.

Another thing worth noting is that with high stimulant pre-workouts, we typically find they push you to exhaustion faster than normal and have you puffing between sets. We didn’t actually find that at all with Game Day, whether it be the seamless balance of energy and focus, we just didn’t seem to run out of energy or endurance, regardless of how complex the workout was or demanding the lifts.

man sports game day review


Overall, MAN Sports has delivered quite an impressive showing with its latest edition of Game Day. It’s been years since the brand had a competitive entry in the category, so we’re glad to finally see it return to the level it once was. Basically, if you’re a fan of high energy, intense focus pre-workouts, Game Day is worth picking up, even more so if you remember what MAN’s DMHA era Game Day was like.