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Christmas comes early for Swebar with a Knäckkola protein bar

knackkola swebar protein bar

The popular and widely available Swedish functional brand Swebar, has put together a special edition flavor for its flagship protein bar for the holiday season. While Christmas is still months away, the product is already out and available in the brand’s home country, giving fans of the protein snack plenty of time to get familiar with it in time for the big day.

The Christmas edition flavor Swebar has come out with, is actually quite unique, as it’s based on a traditional treat typically enjoyed around the holiday season. The flavor is Knäckkola or Knäck, referred to in English as Christmas Butterscotch. It is a hard and sweet toffee candy that is traditionally made with heavy cream, sugar, golden syrup, and butter.

Swebar’s Knäckkola protein bar packs 16g of protein per bar, 15g of carbohydrates with only 2.25g of that sugar, no added sugar, 7g of fat, and a very reasonable 175 calories. Once again, the product is now available in Sweden, and while it is a limited time launch, with Christmas still months away, it looks like it’ll be around for quite some time.

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