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Macro Mike drops three new flavors and an improved Blondies Baking Mix

macro mike new baking mixes

Macro Mike has some new products for its growing fanbase this week, and in the Australian brand’s usual style, it has not dropped just one or two items. The creative and consistently expanding functional company has come out with four products; each is an addition to the menu of something that’s already available except for one, which is a new and improved version.

The three new flavor extensions from Macro Mike are a Blueberry Bread Baking Mix, Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix, and a unique and intriguing Hot Chocolate flavor of the brand’s more recent, multi-benefit Almond Protein. The fourth item is a new and improved take on Macro Mike’s Strawberry Cheesecake-flavored Blondies Baking Mix, promising soft, fluffy, and sweet blondies.

Direct, all of Macro Mike’s new baking mix flavors will cost you $19.95 (14.23 USD) for a single 300g bag, while the Hot Chocolate option for the premium Almond Protein is twice that at $39.95 (28.50 USD) in the same small, 300g size. If you would like to try all of the releases, the brand has put together a bundle with one of each at $79.95 (57.04 USD), essentially giving you one of the baking mixes free, and you get a silicon baking tray thrown in.