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Muscle Core launches massive 10lbg bags of its two protein powders

muscle core larger protein powders

The Middle Eastern sports nutrition brand, Muscle Core Nutrition, which can be found on shelves throughout the United Arab Emirates, is giving fans better value this month with its two protein powders. The well-distributed brand has put together a significantly larger size for both its 100% Whey Platinum Standard and ISO-Whey supplements.

The difference between Muscle Core Nutrition’s two protein products is relatively straightforward; 100% Whey Platinum Standard features a blend of three different types of whey, while ISO-Whey is all whey isolate. As for the new size, previously, the protein powders came in only 2lb and 5lb tubs, which have now been joined by a massive 10lb bag.

The third size of Muscle Core Nutrition’s 100% Whey Platinum Standard and ISO-Whey comes in the same flavors as the 2lb and 5lb tubs with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. The only detail we don’t know is the price of the bags, although being that much bigger, they’re likely to be a lot more cost-effective than either of the tubs.