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Predator begins taking votes for the next flavor of itsProtein Brownie

predator brownie new flavor

The Predator Brownie is a tasty, high protein snack from the retailer and brand Predator Nutrition in the UK, which was previously discontinued but brought back for 2020 with a fresh new take. The company partnered with a premium artisan baker for the product’s return, giving it an even better taste, a reasonable 11g of protein per brownie, and five creative flavors to choose from.

Predator Nutrition is now looking to add another flavor to the protein snack, although to make things exciting, it is asking fans to help make the decision. On Instagram, the brand is letting followers comment on which of the following five flavors they want to see: Espresso Brownie, Dirty Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Strawberry Delight, Dirty Chocolate Caramel, and Chocolate Banana Split.

While all of Predator Nutrition’s voteable Predator Brownie flavors sound amazing, we’d have to say Dirty Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Strawberry Delight sound the most attractive. Either way it turns out, we’ll be happy to see another addition to the protein brownie’s menu, with no word on roughly when Predator will announce the winning flavor or make it available.