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Significantly smaller fun-size of Professor Nutz peanut butter now available

professor nutz fun size

Recently, the nut butter brand Professor Nutz, who combines its peanut butter with modified cyclodextrins to claim it has zero calories from fat, introduced a second size of its flagship product. Since hitting the market two years ago in September of 2018, the low-calorie peanut butter has been available in the same 12.4oz jar size, even after it was rebranded last year.

The second size of Professor Nutz peanut butter is considered a fun-size, being that it is significantly smaller than the regular jar. Instead of packing 12.4oz of low-calorie peanut butter, the brand’s recently released fun-size is a little less than a quarter of that at 2.86oz. The product is available from the Professor Nutz website, although it’s not a quarter of the full-size’s price.

If you decide to go down to that smaller, fun-size of Professor Nutz peanut butter, you’ll pay $5.99 through the brand’s website, versus the full-size at $15.99. The smaller jar is obviously not as cost-effective, but still worth grabbing if you’d like to give it a try before investing in that larger 12.4oz.