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Remix Protein Review: Great flavors but don’t scream Twinkie or CupCake

remix nutrition cupcakes twinkies review

Remix Nutrition is a relatively new brand from the major online supplement retailer who debuted at the of end July with two awesome collaboration flavors for its flagship protein powder, Premium Protein Blend. The collaborations brought a lot of attention to the brand and its one supplement, with’s Remix teaming up with Hostess Brands for authentic CupCakes and Twinkies flavors.

Ever since the launch, we’ve been waiting to get around to trying out Remix Nutrition’s CupCakes and Twinkies Premium Protein Blend flavors and find out how close to the real thing they actually are. We have noticed with some of the collaborations we’ve tried, the attachment of the original brand name doesn’t necessarily lead to a great taste; in fact, sometimes, they end up feeling like a traditional protein powder flavor.

remix nutrition cupcakes twinkies review


Before we get into detail on each of the flavor experiences, we have to say, both Remix Nutrition’s Premium Protein Blend collaborations are deliciously enjoyable. The CupCakes has a very sweet chocolate taste to it while Twinkies has a creamy, cakey vanilla flavor, neither of which you’ll want to put down and have absolutely no trouble scooping up for your next protein shake.

Starting with Remix Nutrtion’s CupCakes Premium Protein Blend, as mentioned, it is a sweet chocolate flavor, not too dense or rich, somewhat of a light, sweet chocolate. It would have been nice to see some sort of play into the texture of a CupCake as opposed to just a chocolate taste. Without any additional flavor alongside the chocolate, there isn’t anything that reminds you of a CupCake outside of the logo on the label.

remix nutrition cupcakes twinkies review

Remix Nutrition’s Twinkies Premium Protein Blend does a slightly better job than the CupCakes. It has the same level of sweetness as CupCakes but with a creamy, vanilla base that has a great thickness and lasting flavor. The experience is like a sweet, doughy, creamy treat in the form of a protein shake. It is a little closer to the real thing than CupCakes, although it’s still not enough to blindly say it tastes like a Twinkie.


As mentioned earlier, overall, Remix Nutrition’s authentic CupCakes and Twinkies flavors of Premium Protein Blend are great and very enjoyable. They deliver strong, noticeable, and flavorful experiences, however they don’t quite do their names justice. It is not an easy job to translate the taste of a sugary treat into a protein shake, but we will say once again, the Twinkies Premium Protein Blend did a reasonably good job.