Vayu makes a few formula tweaks alongside its new flavors of Meta+

Sep 3rd, 2020
vayu meta reformulated

Earlier this week, we posted about the eye-catching new brand Vayu releasing two more flavors for its original energy supplement Meta+ with the fruity options, Mango Orange and Apple. The German brand has now let us know that the additional flavors aren’t the only new features for Meta+, as it has also tweaked its previously basic formula made up of caffeine, green tea, and synephrine.

Vayu’s Meta+ still comes with all of those same ingredients and at the same dosages, in addition to three all-new features. The brand has thrown in 25mg each of quercetin and orange extract, and 60mg of naringin. The small changes to the formula behind Meta+ aim to give it a more comprehensive energy-boosting experience, all while remaining straightforward and cost-effective.

Despite the additional ingredients now in Meta+, Vayu has kept the supplement’s price the same at €29 (34.41 USD) for a large 90 serving tub. That massive amount of servings gives you a lot of room to throw down more than one serving at a time and still have plenty left in the tub.