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Apple and berry-based Swampbeast flavor releasing for Hydraulic this Thursday

axe and sledge swampbeast hydraulic

This coming Thursday, Seth Feroce’s consistent and creative supplement company is bringing a fun new flavor to the menu of its pump-enhancing pre-workout Hydraulic, originally known as Fuel Pump. The flavor also won’t be entirely new to fans of the brand, as it was actually one of its first-ever alternatively branded releases put together for its full-spectrum EAA, The Grind.

Longtime fans of Axe and Sledge will likely already know the flavor we’re talking about, which is none other than Swampbeast, introduced in the brand’s first year of business in 2018. Swampbeast is a combination of apple and berry flavors, and as mentioned, it is coming to the menu of Axe and Sledge’s pump pre-workout Hydraulic this Thursday through