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Azoth puts more focus on memory and cognition in its fourth supplement

azoth total memory

Earlier this year, the nootropic brand Azoth became more complete, going from its one original focus-enhancing supplement to three. Up until last year, Azoth had just one product with Total Nootropic for caffeine-free focus, memory, mood, and cognition support. The brand also has Total Focus for a similar mix of benefits but different ingredients, and Instant Energy, for obviously, a more energizing experience.

Azoth has now introduced Total Memory, a supplement that, true to its name, focuses more on supporting memory and cognition. The product is formulated to improve clarity, learning capacity, memory recall, and cognition. While its effects are similar to some of the brand’s other items, like Total Nootropic to Total Focus, Total Memory comes with a separate set of ingredients so it can be used with the rest of the line.

Azoth’s Total Memory features a rather straightforward formula relying on three main ingredients, including 25mcg of vitamin d3 and 100mcg of huperzine a. The third ingredient in the supplement is the star of the show with premium Synapsa, a more concentrated, branded version of bacopa monnieri. Total Memory has 320mg of Synapsa, which is wrapped up with the vitamin d3 and huperzine in a single-capsule serving.

Azoth is letting fans and followers secure themselves bottles of 30 servings of Total Memory starting this week through its website. You do need to pay $1 to reserve the product, although that isn’t the final price. You will pay the rest later, however, we can’t seem to find that full price anywhere on the ordering page.