Black Magic surprises with a third limited edition Halloween-themed flavor

Oct 27th, 2020
black magic devils cake protein

Over the past couple of weeks, Black Magic revealed not one but two special edition flavors of its pre-workout BZRK for Halloween with Red Voodoo Punch and Blue Voodoo Punch. Fans were treated to a similar sort of thing last year with just the one flavor simply named Voodoo Punch, and like the two for 2020, it featured an alternative label design and a slightly different formula.

It turns out Black Magic has one more trick up its sleeve for Halloween, as it actually has a third special edition flavor, although this one is not for the brand’s pre-workout BZRK. Announced today by the hardcore brand for its whey, egg, and casein-powered protein powder is a limited Devil’s Cake flavor. It is a red velvet cake creation, packed with the product’s usual 24g of protein per serving.

Black Magic’s Devil’s Cake Protein is due to launch alongside the Red Voodoo Punch and Blue Voodoo Punch BZRK in just a few days on Halloween through