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Bodylab brings the fruit-flavored trend to the mass gainer market

bodylab clear whey gainer

Refreshing fruit-flavored, whey isolate-based protein powders has been a trend in the industry over the past year, with brands of many different sizes putting together some sort of competitor. The danish functional and sports supplement company is one of those with Clear Whey coming earlier this year, and now this week, it’s done something unique and along the same lines.

Bodylab’s latest is a refreshing, fruit-flavored gainer named ‘Clear Weight Gainer’. It takes a similar approach to Clear Whey, featuring a whey isolate-based formula and two fruity flavors, but with a hefty amount of carbohydrates. Each serving of Bodylab’s Clear Weight Gainer packs 23g of protein, roughly three times that in carbs at 68g, 41g of that sugar, 1.8g of fat, and 386 calories.

As per usual, the first place stocking Bodylab’s Clear Weight Gainer is its online store at, where you can grab a 1.5kg bag of 15 servings at 179DKK (28.38 USD) in Raspberry Rush and Ice Tea Peach flavors. The danish brand does have a couple of bulk offers available too, with two bags at 159DKK each, or three for slightly lower again at 153DKK (24.26 USD) each.