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Bodylab joins the refreshing protein trend with its fruit-flavored Clear Whey

bodylab clear whey

The Danish brand Bodylab has been relatively busy these last couple of weeks, launching six new products in just over a month, with half of them being entirely new items. This week the functional supplement company continues its busy streak with another completely new product, introducing the relatively different protein powder ‘Clear Whey’.

Bodylab’s Clear Whey is a light and refreshingly flavored protein powder similar to the likes of Myprotein’s Clear Whey Isolate and Dymatize’s ISO100 Clear, as well as a few others with that refreshing theme. It is essentially a protein that, instead of coming in your usual chocolate and vanilla options, it has a variety of light and clear, fruit-based flavors.

bodylab clear whey

The new Clear Whey from Bodylab is made with premium whey isolate to provide a lean 25.8g of protein in a 30g serving, only 150mg of carbohydrates, zero fat and sugar, and just 105 calories. The protein supplement is about as lean as you can get, although, as mentioned, it also promises to shake things up with a unique set of flavors.

Bodylab has released Clear Whey in a total of three flavors with Cola Lemon, Raspberry Rush, and Ice Tea Peach. Each bag of the product weighs 500g, giving you a little shy of 17 servings if you go off that 30g size we highlighted earlier. The price on Clear Whey at is 159DKK (23.60 USD), or if you buy three or more, it’ll be 139DKK (20.72 USD) each.