Bucked Up puts a delicious dessert spin on its Buck Season seasoning

dessert buck season

Bucked Up is one of the few supplement companies out there that goes beyond traditional sports nutrition and does a few more unique products that keep within the fit and healthy realm. One of those creative items is the brand’s Buck Season seasonings, featuring low to no sugar, zero gluten and MSG, and low sodium, with nine different flavors to choose from.

The Buck Season family has now expanded with a handful of new flavors, although there is a little more to them than just a different taste. Bucked Up has introduced Buck Season Dessert, which has all of the same features and highlights as the regular Buck Season, but with a dessert twist. Instead of traditional seasoning flavors, you get three dessert-themed creations.

Bucked Up’s Buck Season Dessert family consists of Coconut Cream Pie, Cinnamon Honey Butter, and Death By Chocolate. As mentioned, they have the same approach as the regular Buck Season being low sugar and sodium, no MSG, and gluten-free. They’re available from the brand’s website at $8.99, or there is a variety bundle with one of each flavor at $20.99.