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Cellucor confirms an on-the-go version of its packed out C4 Dynasty

c4 dynasty rtd

C4 Dynasty is a limited edition pre-workout that Cellucor came out with at the beginning of the year, surprising many people and gaining the long-running brand a lot of attention. C4 Dynasty is intended to sit at the top of the brand’s pyramid of pre-workouts as its most advanced supplement in the category above the regular C4 Extreme and its previous top product, C4 Ultimate.

While C4 Dynasty is no longer listed on Cellucor’s website, it is still available through GNC, in all of its original flavors; Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, Violet Crown, and Icy Blue Razz. We’re bringing up Dynasty this week and the excitement it caused because, in a few months, about one year after the supplement first surfaced, the brand is coming out with a spin-off.

Cellucor’s upcoming C4 Dynasty spin-off is going to feature a loaded list of ingredients, like the original, although it won’t be a powder formula. The brand is now getting ready to release a C4 Dynasty RTD. It is carrying over as much of the product as it can in terms of ingredients, although some things just can’t be used in the beverage format, which Cellucor has left out.

We sat down with Greg Tetzlaff from Cellucor for an interview on our podcast and talked about the C4 Dynasty RTD, as well as a few other projects it has in the pipeline. It’s definitely worth a listen for fans of the brand and something to be excited about for the new year, especially since fully-dosed formulas aren’t common in the pre-workout RTD market.

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