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Chemical Warfare’s The Bomb is actually launching in two limited-time flavor

chemical warfare toffee apple the bomb

Later this month, the UK-based brand Chemical Warfare who has been quite busy in 2020, is coming out with a special edition flavor of its stimulant pre-workout, The Bomb, named Fireworks. As it turns out, the company has actually put together a pair of limited-time flavors of its pre-workout, both of which are due to arrive around the same time, in the upcoming weeks.

The second special edition flavor of Chemical Warfare’s The Bomb, dropping alongside Fireworks, is an experience that’s a little more obvious with Toffee Apple. When both Fireworks and Toffee Apple The Bomb eventually arrive later this month, they’ll feature the pre-workout’s usual mix of ingredients to increase energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, and performance.