Final run produced of Switch’s limited Mango Nectar Adrenal Switch

Oct 2nd, 2020
mango nectar adrenal switch

Switch Nutrition’s Mango Nectar flavor of its relaxation and recovery supplement Adrenal Switch, was initially released as a limited-edition product in a unique box set with a mug and a second, but different flavor of Adrenal Switch. You couldn’t actually purchase the Mango Nectar flavor by itself, outside of the box, although now for a limited time, you can do precisely that.

The Australian brand has done one final run of its Mango Nectar Adrenal Switch that can be purchased individually, by the tub, as opposed to the box set, which was the same per tub at $119.95 not counting the mug. You can purchase the last lot of Mango Nectar now through Switch Nutrition’s online store $59.95 (42.95 USD) each, in the supplement’s original 30 serving tub.