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Plantein from Kaged the first to use the 3x more bioavailable ioPea Protein

kaged muscle plantein

Kris Gethin’s Kaged Muscle has shared a little more information on one of its three upcoming Kaged Naturals supplements in the plant-based protein powder Plantein. The product is actually going to be the first to use the innovative ioPea Protein from Plasma Nutrition, which we posted about in February and is said to be three times more bioavailable than standard pea protein.

Kaged Muscle’s Plantein is going to have 25g of protein per serving, all coming from that premium ioPea Protein. The other macros making up its nutrition profile include 4g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates with a gram of that fiber, zero sugar, and 150 calories. The supplement is also a part of the brand’s Kaged Naturals line, so it won’t have any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners in it.

Kaged Muscle has not set an official launch date for Plantein, or the other two items in its Kaged Naturals collection, which are Multivitamin and the superfood formula Outlive 100. When it does eventually arrive, Plantein will have a rather small tub size packing 15g servings, available in two flavors that aren’t your traditional chocolate or vanilla with Cinnamon Roll and Banana Bread.