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Myprotein promises a smooth consistency in its all-new whipped protein snack

myprotein whipped duo

Myprotein has been adding quite a few functional products to its lineup over the past few months, such as the Nuts Mix, Nuts Bar, and the Loaded EAAs Bar. Whipped Duo’s is the latest snack for the brand’s sizeable international lineup, and based on the description from Myprotein, it sounds like quite an enjoyable treat as far as texture and consistency go.

The new Myprotein Whipped Duo’s is kind of like Battle Snacks’ Battle Bites, in that instead of coming as one bar per pack, the product is broken up into two pieces, hence the names. What makes it sound so delicious and different is the other part of its name ‘Whipped’, as it promises to provide a soft and smooth texture, while still having a good amount of flavor.

The flavors of Myprotein’s exciting new protein snack are Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Peanut, and White Chocolate & Raspberry, although White Chocolate is not yet available. The price on the brand’s Whipped Duo’s directly through its online store at is £24.99 (32.34 USD) for a box of 12, which isn’t too bad working out to $2.70 a pack.

As for the macros behind Myprotein’s Whipped Duo’s, a single whipped bite has 5.5g of protein, a rather large 12.5g of carbohydrates, although only 1.15g of that is sugar, 3g of fat, and around 96 calories. As mentioned, you get two pieces per pack, so if you throw down both, you can double all of those numbers above.

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