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Kit Kat-like treat with less than 1g of sugar comes to the Nano Supps lineup

nanos supps protein snap

Nano Supps has dropped another protein snack and based on the look and nutrition, we feel it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy this one. The product appears to be the brand’s version of Novo Nutrition’s delicious and top-rated Protein Break. The Kit Kat-like treat has had many products very similar, hit the market, such as Myprotein’s Break Bar, Pandy Chocolate Sticks, and Bodylab’s Protein Crunch.

The latest from Nano Supps is Protein Snap, featuring that same Kit Kat-like build, with two crispy wafer sticks per pack, covered in unbelievably realistic milk chocolate. They combine to provide 3.4g of protein, 8g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of sugar, 8.5g of fat, and 112 calories. The nutrition profile isn’t as high or lean as your typical protein bar, but it certainly works as a healthy treat.

All of those macros are the same as the items mentioned earlier, so once again, we have to imagine Nano Supps Protein Snack is much the same thing, with that amazing Kit Kat-like experience. The product is already hitting the brand’s stores and stockists in Europe, and is available individually with the two small sticks per pack, and in boxes of 25 at a slightly more cost-effective price.

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