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Oat-based brand Oat King puts together its first-ever advent calendar

oat king advent calendar

Oat King is a popular and long-running functional company out of Germany, known for its oat-based products such as Instant Oats, Protein Pancakes, and of course, its signature, high-protein Oat Bar. Oat King is yet another creative European brand this month, that has launched a completely custom advent calendar, which is not something it’s ever done before.

As you’d expect with an advent calendar from Oat King, the giant box comes with the traditional 24 doors, and behind each of them is a full-size, protein and carbohydrate-packed, Oat Bar. The brand promises a different flavor each day, which is possible, as the Oat Bar has over 24 flavors counting its separate lines such as Oat Bar Masterpiece and Black Series.

Oat King has produced just a small amount of its Christmassy advent calendars, which fans can only purchase directly from the German brand through its retail partner LSP.

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