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Keto-friendly spin-off of the Outright Bar releasing in the new year

outright keto bar

In about 12 weeks, which should see a launch somewhere in the second half of January of next year, Marc Lobliner’s functional brand Outright is dropping something quite different. It will be an extension of the popular and tasty Outright Protein Bar, which already has a mountain of flavors to choose from and several spin-offs such as the Outright Breakfast Bar and Outright Crispy Bar.

The next big creation from Marc Lobliner and Outright should be quite an interesting one, with the Outright Keto Bar. True to its name, the product is going to be a keto-friendly on-the-go bar. We don’t know any of the macros of the Outright Protein Bar spin-off just yet, but typically, keto-friendly snacks are high in fat with a moderate amount of protein, but most importantly, low carb.

The only other detail we have right now is a direct quote from Marc Lobliner at Outright, saying the Outright Keto Bar will have “no fake ass fiber carbs!” Once again, the functional brand is looking to launch its first-ever keto-friendly snack in about 12 weeks, which as mentioned, should make it available somewhere in the second half of January.

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