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Outright makes another mouthwatering coated flavor in White Chocolate Cookies & Cream

White Chocolate Cookies And Cream Outright Protein Bar

Fresh off the back of the release of its colorful, rainbow sprinkle-filled Birthday Cake flavor, Outright has announced another addition to the menu of its original nut butter-based real food snack, the Outright Protein Bar. The newest flavor the brand has crafted is another coated offering, where you get that same clean, nutritious, and smooth main body on the inside, but it’s covered in a sweet coating to add to the overall flavor.

The first coated flavor we saw from Outright was its absolutely delicious, candy bar-like Chocolate Caramel Cashew Butter, which wasn’t as high in protein as the other options and still has similar calories, but all of that is forgiven the second you bit into the product. That is once again the case with the all-new White Chocolate Cookies & Cream, packing a lighter 12g of protein, although again, that will all be forgotten when you bite through the white chocolate outer and into the cookies and cream-themed inside.

Outright has already added its undoubtedly delicious and melt-in-your-mouth White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Outright Protein Bar at its premier retail partner, Tiger Fitness, where a box of the real food protein snack costs the same as the chocolate-coated Chocolate Caramel Cashew Butter at $29.99, which is a few dollars more than the other flavors.

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