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Mouthwatering Joker protein bar is getting a white chocolate flavor

rocka nutrition white choco joker protein bar

Joker is Rocka Nutrition’s candy bar-like protein bar, and while we haven’t tried it, the product looks absolutely mouthwatering in pictures. It comes with a doughy body packed with chocolate chunks, a layer of gooey caramel on top, and all wrapped in delicious milk chocolate. Joker originally hit the market in the one Caramel Choco Chunk flavor, and in the coming weeks, it is getting another option.

Rocka Nutrition has revealed that an all-new White Choco Crunchy Nougat flavor is on the way for the Joker protein bar, packing the same 15g of protein, only 2.1g of sugar, and 192 calories. The build on this one is much the same, but with the flavors and features being mixed up a bit with a gooey layer caramel and nougat, hazelnut pieces throughout the bar, and all wrapped in white chocolate.

As mentioned, all we know is that Rocka Nutrition’s White Choco Crunchy Nougat Joker protein bar is coming soon. We don’t have an exact date, although the German brand doesn’t typically share releases like this unless it’s arriving within the next few weeks.