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USN comes out with a cost-effective way to top up a 2lb tub of BlueLab Whey

usn bluelab whey refill bags

The hugely popular South African supplement company USN, who can be found all over the world, has come out with an interesting new way to restock yourself on its BlueLab Whey protein powder. The widely available brand has introduced BlueLab Whey Refill Bags, which come with enough powder to simply refill a traditional 2lb tub of the supplement.

You could just go and purchase another tub of USN’s BlueLab Whey; however, there is, of course, an upside to the Refill Bag. The biggest benefit to the bags is they cost a little bit less, and you actually get more in a bag than a tub. Directly through the brand’s website, a 908g tub is R289 (17.54 USD), while a 1,000g Refill Bag is R255 (15.47 USD) in five flavors..

Overall, worked out to price per gram, the difference is about 20%, although with that said, the BlueLab Whey Refill Bag only comes in the 1kg size. While it is more cost-effective than the 2lb, it doesn’t beat the supplement’s 2kg tub at R479 (29.07 USD). Basically, the Refill Bag is a great way to top up a 2lb, but the 2kg BlueLab Whey is still the best value.