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Free tee inside blue-colored cans of Animal Pak at The Vitamin Shoppe

blue animal pak

Back in 2017, the hardcore legacy supplement company Animal, released a special edition variant of its iconic multivitamin, Animal Pak. The product was an alternatively branded, grayscale version of Pak that came with a free tee jammed inside the can. The limited-time Animal Pak was also only available for purchase from the one major retailer, and that was The Vitamin Shoppe.

For the month of October, Animal is running that very same promotion. The brand has put together another variant of Animal Pak that doesn’t feature the usual yellow and black combination, or the greyscale one from 2017. This time around, Animal has branded its special edition, Animal Pak, in blue and black, and it stills come with a free tee, which is blue on black as well.

Fans of Animal can grab the limited-time Animal Pak from The Vitamin Shoppe both through its physical retail locations as well as its website. No matter what way you go, the product will cost the same as a typical 44-serving can of Animal Pak from Vitamin Shoppe at $34.99, and it does feature the multivitamin’s updated formula introduced in just the last couple of months.