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5% Nutrition announces its upcoming whey-free protein powder Shake Time

5 percent nutrition shake time

5% Nutrition has always done things quite differently when it comes to nutrition type supplements such as protein and carbohydrate powders. The brand started with its original Real Food, which has since been renamed Real Carbs and is a straightforward carbohydrate product made with real food carb sources including sweet potato, oats, and rice.

5% Nutrition has also touched on protein in a few supplements, but nothing really all that typical. It did the egg white protein Egg White Crystals, and the protein spin-off of Real Carbs named ‘Real Carbs + Protein‘. That one combines Real Carbs’ reliable carbohydrate formula with a whey-free blend of protein sources in beef, egg, and chickpea.

The team at 5% Nutrition has now shared an image of its latest protein-based product, introducing ‘Shake Time’. The supplement seems to be a lot like Real Carbs + Protein, but without the carbohydrates. It promotes itself as a real food protein powder that doesn’t rely on traditional whey like the protein-focused spin-off of Real Carbs.

More information on 5% Nutrition’s Shake Time is due to be along soon, and it will be a welcome addition to the brand’s lineup. With Egg White Crystals no longer on the 5% Nutrition website, it doesn’t have any kind of typical protein powder to offer. Shake Time will undoubtedly fill that hole and, once again, give fans the chance to grab a protein product without the carbs.