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Alpha Lion announces its great-tasting replacement for GOATein protein

alpha lion superhuman protein

Mid last year, Alpha Lion got into the saturated protein powder market for the first time ever with GOATein, a premium whey isolate supplement packed with a handful of effective extras. The brand combined the whey isolate with the enzyme AminoGen, a solid dose of AstraGin to improve absorption, and a full 2g of Velositol to enhance muscle protein synthesis and double the power of your protein.

Alpha Lion has since decided to discontinue GOATein, but that doesn’t mean it’s leaving the highly competitive world of protein powder altogether. To close out the week, the brand has unveiled its GOATein replacement, introducing Superhuman Protein. Like Alpha Lion’s first entry into the category, the upcoming supplement is a premium whey isolate protein infused with a few extra ingredients.

While we have yet to clearly see the complete label for Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Protein, it looks like it includes the branded enzyme blend DigeZyme for better digestion, and like GOATein, AstraGin to support absorption. The product’s formula does look as good as you can expect from Alpha Lion; however, one of the more important features is taste, as the brand put a lot of focus on it.

Alpha Lion plans to launch Superhuman Protein in four flavors, two those being Orange Gainsicle and the cereal-themed Anabolic Pebbles, which will be thrown in as freebies in the brand’s Black Friday sale. Full-size tubs of the supplement are going to be available for purchase shortly after that, somewhere in the second week of December.

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