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Julian Smith signs 250 tubs of Maple Pancake Foundation to celebrate its GNC launch

arms race nutrition signed maple pancake foundation

Arms Race Nutrition recently released two new flavors for its protein powder Foundation with Maple Pancake and Strawberry Shortcake, with a third lined up for launch on Black Friday later this month. One of those products is now available from the brand’s retail partner GNC, and it has given fans a reason to head over there and grab a tub sooner rather than later.

It is Maple Pancake Foundation that has arrived at GNC, and to celebrate that arrival, one of the three people behind Arms Race Nutrition, Julian Smith, has signed a small number of tubs. If you head to the retailer’s website and are one of the first 250 to order a 28 serving tub of Maple Pancake Foundation, you’ll get one with Julian Smith’s autograph on the lid.

At GNC, a tub of Foundation costs the same as it does when buying directly from Arms Race Nutrition through its website at $39.99, and if you spend a little more at GNC to a total over $49, you’ll also get free shipping.