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European retailer and brand Body & Fit introduces its fruity isolate protein

body and fit juicy whey isolate

International supplement retailer and brand Body and Fit is the latest notable name to follow the fruit-flavored protein trend with its all-new Juicy Whey Isolate. Refreshing, fruit juice-type protein powders is something we’ve seen from a growing number of brands in the past year or two, with some of the most recent entries being Warrior, Jym, and Nutrabio.

Body and Fit’s Juicy Whey Isolate is much the same as the many others we’ve seen, being a premium whey isolate-based protein powder providing a solid 21g of protein per serving. Like most isolate powered protein products, the rest of its nutrition profile is quite lean with under a gram of carbohydrates, 100mg of sugar, 100mg of fat, and a low 90 calories.

The most important feature of Body and Fit’s Juicy Whey Isolate is, of course, its flavors, as that is what separates it from your traditional whey isolate protein, which it has a total of three to choose from. The company has debuted the supplement in Mango, Pear, and a flavor we’ve never seen outside of Europe or even attempted in protein with Lingonberry.

You can grab Juicy Whey Isolate from Body and Fit’s online store at £20.99 (27.61 USD), with the one relatively small, 540g tub size packed with 20 full servings.