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Bodylab adds to the menu of its month old Clear Weight Gainer with a citrus flavor

bodylab sweet orange clear weight gainer

Danish brand Bodylab recently brought the growing clear and refreshing protein powder trend to the mass gainer market with Clear Weight Gainer. It is indeed a high-protein and high-calorie supplement that comes in fruity flavors as opposed to the usual chocolate and vanilla. This week, about a month and a half after the product hit the market, the brand is adding another option to its menu.

When Bodylab originally released Clear Weight Gainer, it had two flavors to choose from in Raspberry Rush and Ice Tea Peach, each with 23g of protein per serving, 68g of carbohydrates, under 2g of fat, and 386 calories. This week, joining those two flavors and packing the same high-calorie nutrition profile is the citrusy option Sweet Orange, available now direct at 179 DKK (28.42 USD).

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