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High-calorie Big Protein Flapjack gets a third flavor a year after release

muscle moose peanut butter big protein flapjack

As we’ve mentioned many times before, flapjacks are a popular snack in the UK and Europe, available from many different brands, both functional food and sports supplement types. Muscle Moose entered the flapjack world about a year ago with its beast of a product in the ‘Big Protein Flapjack’, tipping the scales at a hefty 100g with 15g of protein and solid 453 calories.

Muscle Moose originally launched Big Protein Flapjack in just two tastes with a unique Golden Syrup and a fruity Mixed Berry. Just over one year after the release of the product, the brand has decided it’s time to give its oat-based protein snack another flavor. Now available for purchase in Europe, including through the Muscle Moose website, is a Peanut Butter Big Protein Flapjack.

The brand’s latest has similar macros to the product’s first two flavors in 15g of protein, 42g of carbohydrates with 17g of that sugar, 25g of fat, and 456 calories. As mentioned, you can grab Muscle Moose’s new Peanut Butter Big Protein Flapjack from its website at £15.99 (21.09 USD) for a box of 12, and there is a variety pack with four of each flavor for the same price.