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Spekulatius dough and caramel combine for a X-Mas Special Protein Pancake

nano supps xmas special protein pancake

The creative team at ä, known more commonly as Nano Supps, has gotten into the holiday spirit and put together a special edition flavor of its soft and delicious Protein Pancake. While we have seen a lot of things from the Hungarian functional food and supplement brand, a limited edition spin-off is not one of them, making this quite a special release for Nano Supps.

The product the brand has created for Christmas is the X-Mas Special Protein Pancake, which doesn’t confirm much about its taste in the name, although fortunately, Nano Supps does provide a description. The holiday-themed experience is the combination of a Spekulatius dough pancake — a classic German spiced cookie — and a sweet and flavorful caramel filling.

According to Nano Supps, the X-Mas Special Protein Pancake is now available to order directly from the brand, so fans can probably expect to see it in all of its usual stores and stockists across Europe, in the coming weeks.