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NPL names its protein bar after how much protein it has per bar

npl 21 protein bar

South Africa-based and internationally available NPL, has also launched a protein bar this month, introducing the #21 Protein Bar. The product seems to get its name from the amount of protein it packs per bar, which is, of course, 21g. That is marginally higher than your typical bar-format protein snack, as most of the ones we see come through Stack3d are right on that 20g mark.

While NPL’s #21 Protein Bar does have a solid 21g of protein, it is worth noting it isn’t all from quality sources such as whey protein. The brand’s snack gets its 21g of protein from a blend of whey concentrate, soy isolate, and collagen. The macros that come alongside the protein are relatively lean at 21g of carbohydrates with 6.6g of that sugar, 6.9g of fat, and 229 calories.

That nutrition profile is for NPL’s Chocolate Caramel flavor, which is one of four flavors available for the #21 Protein Bar. The other three are Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel, and another chocolate-based taste, Chocolate Nut. The macros do vary slightly across the flavors going between 20 to 22g of protein, so not all of them pack that title relevant 21g, with calories as high as 240.

You can grab NPL’s #21 Protein Bar from its website at R394.95 (25.71 USD) for a box of 12 bars, working out to a very reasonable R32.91 (2.14 USD) a bar.