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Fan-voted Predator Brownie promotion results in two tasty new flavors

predator brownie cookies and caramel flavors

In September, the supplement retailer and brand, Predator Nutrition, asked fans to vote between five flavors, with one of those becoming an addition to its tasty, high-protein Predator Brownie. The flavors were Espresso Brownie, Dirty Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Strawberry Delight, Dirty Chocolate Caramel, and Chocolate Banana Split, with our original picks being Cookies or Strawberry.

This week, Predator Nutrition has not only revealed the winner of the contest but released it, and there are actually two new flavors from the fan-voted promotion. The options now available on the Predator Brownie menu are Dirty Cookies ‘N Cream, one of the ones we were hoping for, and Dirty Chocolate Caramel. They pack 11g of protein, around 29g of carbohydrates, 12g of fat, and 289 calories.

You can grab either of Predator Nutrition’s new Dirty Cookies ‘N Cream and Chocolate Caramel Predator Brownies from its website at £9.99 (13.13 USD) for a box of five, or three boxes for the price of two at £6.66 (8.76 USD) each.