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RYSE reveals it’s working on a vegan-friendly version of Loaded Protein

ryse loaded vegan protein

Last week we shared some exciting details regarding what RYSE has in store for its real food-based, high-protein snack, the Loaded Bar, for next year. The brand confirmed it is planning to revamp and relaunch the protein bar with a higher standard of taste and texture. Flavor has always been one of the things RYSE is known for, so it makes sense it would want all of its products on a similar level.

As far as protein goes, that is not all the lifestyle supplement company has been hard at work on. Alongside the details of its new and improved Loaded Bar, RYSE has revealed it is also working on a second protein powder, separate from its top-selling Loaded Protein. That second protein is going to be a vegan-friendly protein, something we’ve seen a lot of brands get into in the past year or so.

RYSE does, of course, intend on making its Loaded Vegan Protein with the same standard of flavor as its other products, which could make for a strong competitor. The supplement won’t be completely naturally flavored or sweetened, which is the case with all of our top-tasting, plant-based protein powders, so again, RYSE could certainly come through with something quite interesting.