Lucky dip Skinny Syrup and Sauce saves you 50% but you don’t pick the flavor

Nov 19th, 2020
skinny food co mystery flavor skinny syrup

If you’re a fan of the popular functional food brand The Skinny Food Co, specifically its zero to low-calorie Skinny Syrup and Sauce, and don’t mind mixing things up to save some money, you’ll want in on its latest deal. The brand has added a lucky dip Sauce and Syrup option to its online store, where you pay half the regular price of the products, and you’ll get a random flavor.

The Skinny Food Co has said the lucky dip could be any of its many Skinny Syrup or Sauce flavors, giving you well over 50 possible outcomes. It is a great trade-off for half the price at £1.99 (2.63 USD) as opposed to the usual 425ml bottle cost of £3.99. As mentioned, it is a great way to mix things up for fans of the products, and a fun way to try it for the first time and save some money.