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Ghost’s marshmallow-filled hot chocolate protein is now available at GNC

ghost hot chocolate

Ghost’s fun and unique Hot Chocolate Ghost Whey, a protein powder filled with mini marshmallows and made with stable heat whey so it can mix with hot water, is now in stock and available for purchase at GNC. The brand’s major retail partner has it in stock in its 15 serving tub, with 20g of protein per serving, not the traditional hot chocolate-style box of single-serving sachets.

As mentioned, the amount of protein you get per serving is slightly lower than the other flavors of Ghost Whey, and you only get 15 servings per tub. Appropriately, the product’s price is a lot less than a 2lb tub of regular Ghost Whey, with GNC setting it at $29.99. The retailer is also running a sitewide 30% off for Black Friday; however, currently that is not applying to Hot Chocolate Ghost Whey.