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Vanilla Soft Serve flavor coming to BEAM Whey Protein this Monday

beam vanilla soft serve whey protein

When BEAM debuted earlier this year, it launched with four different supplements, including Collagen Peptides, Pre-Workout, and two protein powders, Whey Protein, and the impressively tasty Vegan Protein. Next week, the still very new brand is giving back to one of those original products in Whey Protein, by way of another flavor option.

BEAM originally released Whey Protein in just two tastes with a traditional chocolate called Chocolate Fudge and an intriguing spin on classic peanut butter with Salty Peanut Butter. Next week on Monday, BEAM’s Whey Protein is expanding to three flavors with another common creation, similar to Chocolate Fudge, in a Vanilla Soft Serve Whey Protein.

Once again, BEAM is dropping that Vanilla Soft Serve flavor for Whey Protein on Monday through its online store, where a 25 serving tub of the supplement costs $39.99 each.

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