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Condemned announces its sixth new Convict Stim flavor for the year

condemned labz convict pre-workout

This year, Condemned Labz has mostly been about new flavors for its stimulant powered pre-workout Convict Stim. Throughout the 12 months, we’ve seen five menu expansions from the brand, including a few special edition occasion items. There was a Freedom Ice Convict Stim for 4th Of July, Orange Monster for Halloween, and just recently Blackout for Black Friday.

With the end of 2020 now just three weeks away, Condemned Labz has squeezed in yet another new flavor announcement for its stimulant pre-workout, although this one is not due to arrive until January. The upcoming option isn’t a special edition product, featuring Convict Stim’s usual label design, although the flavor is still quite intriguing with Pelican Bay Breeze.