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First-ever Enhanced Labs protein powder arriving later this month

enhanced labs protein powder

Fresh off the release of its two revamped pre-workout supplements, Rage Stim Reloaded and Rage Pump Reloaded, hardcore brand Enhanced Labs has confirmed, it’s next new product is going to be another big one. Sometime before the end of the year, around Christmas, Enhanced is getting into the immensely competitive world of protein powder.

While Enhanced Labs’ first-ever protein powder isn’t all that far away, it is keeping details on the supplement under wraps. The only information we have to share is that it is indeed a protein product, it is coming in a bag instead of a traditional tub, and it won’t be your typical protein. The part about it not being a typical protein is in relation to its ingredients.

Enhanced Labs is apparently going to be relying on a less common source of protein for its first entry into the protein category, suggesting it won’t be whey-based, like most supplements in the space. More details are due to be shared as we get closer to the arrival of the next Enhanced Labs products, which once again, is happening around Christmas.