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GNC’s December sale gets you both of Ghost’s Christmas proteins at $27.49 each

christmas ghost whey bundle at gnc

As posted about this week and last, Ghost’s entirely new limited edition Christmas products are now in stock and available for purchase from its major retail partner GNC. There is the sweet-sounding Frosted Sugar Cookie Ghost Whey with real sugar cookie pieces and sprinkles throughout the powder, and the unique Hot Cocoa Mix Ghost Whey with mini marshmallows and built to be served hot.

We’re bringing up Ghost’s Frosted Sugar Cookie and Hot Chocolate Ghost Whey again today as they’ve just both been added to GNC’s buy one get one half price sale, making it an ideal time to grab a tub of each. Frosted Sugar Cookie is Ghost Whey’s usual $39.99 for a 2lb tub, and Hot Chocolate is $29.99 for a slightly smaller 1.2 tub with 15 servings, but combined for the sale, they work out to $27.49 each.

The $10 price difference between the two doesn’t allow you to take full advantage of GNC’s buy one get one half price sale, but it’s a deal nonetheless, and $54.98 for the two is not bad. You have until the end of the month to take advantage of the promotion, and if you end up grabbing one of each of Ghost’s Christmas protein powders, you also get free shipping as it meets the retailer’s $49 minimum.