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Glaxon plans to squeeze in another pump supplement before the end of the year

glaxon pump supplement

While Glaxon has already had an incredible year, undeniably taking home our Newcomer Of The Year Award, it is really piling on the excitement and new releases in the last few months of the year. Since the brand announced its big season two revamp, it has relaunched several supplements with fresh new label designs, formulas, and flavors, as well as some entirely new products.

Next week Glaxon is dropping its first real essential supplement with Dr. Creatine — a combination of creatine monohydrate and delayed-release capsules — although that is apparently not all it has for the last few weeks of the year. Today it has begun teasing another upcoming item, which, based on the image it’s shared and words it’s using, looks to be a revamp of something previously released.

You can see the mystery Glaxon product in the image above, coming in capsules and teased with the words ‘There Will Be Pumps’. That clearly suggests it is a pump enhancing capsule supplement, which is something the brand already has in Plasm Caps. Our guess is that’s what we’re in for, especially since the brand’s pump powder Plasm Surge was reformulated and relaunched in September.

More information is due to be shared on Glaxon’s likely Plasm Caps 2.0 soon, and as mentioned, the product itself is due to be available sometime between now and the end of the year.

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