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Glaxon is putting creatine monohydrate into DR Caps for its all-new Dr. Creatine

glaxon dr creatine

The simplest supplements our Newcomer Of The Year winner Glaxon, has in its lineup are Astrolyte and Supershroom, which aren’t really all that straightforward or common. Astrolyte is a dedicated hydration product, and Supershroom is a blend of mushroom extracts, both of which the brand uses all of the ingredients from in blends in other supplements.

Next week, Glaxon is finally coming out with a truly simple product, one that we’ve seen from many other supplement companies, although there is still a small twist to it. Coming soon from the brand is Dr. Creatine, a formula featuring tried and true creatine monohydrate at 3g per serving, or 6g in its maximum recommended amount of two servings a day.

Where the twist comes in is Dr. Creatine is a capsule product and like all of Glaxon’s supplements in capsule form, it comes in DR Caps, which are delayed-release capsules. The upcoming Dr. Creatine is essentially creatine that releases over time as opposed to as quickly as possible. It’s not something we haven’t seen before but a fun spin on a classic product.

Once again, Glaxon is planning to launch Dr. Creatine sometime next week in a bottle of 200 capsules. That’ll give you 50 servings at 3g of delayed-release creatine monohydrate per serving, or if you bump up to the maximum for 6g, that’s 25 days worth. You could also split it up halfway with six capsules for 4.5g of creatine, and a bottle will last you 33 days.

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