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Fans of Myprotein can now get its Golden flavors outside of the box set

myprotein golden layered protein bar

A week out from Black Friday, we shared details on the special edition Christmas Golden Box from Myprotein featuring a bunch of limited-time items and accessories. It came with a sweat towel, a premium golden stainless steel shaker, and two limited ‘Golden’ flavors, one for the brand’s flagship protein powder, Impact Whey, and the other for the Layered Protein Bar.

While that box set is still available, for those that didn’t want to spend the £39.99 for the accessories, 250g bag of protein, and only three protein bars, you can now purchase some of those items separately. Previously, Myprotein was not listing them individually, but both the Golden Impact Whey and Golden Layered Protein Bar have since been added to the brand’s website.

The limited-edition Golden Impact Whey will cost you £6.99 for its small 250g bag, and the Golden Layered Protein Bar is £6.99 for a sample set of three or £24.99 for a full box of 12. All of those products, including the original Christmas Golden Box are currently 45% off for Myprotein’s extended Black Friday sale with some solid freebies for purchases of £35 and £60.