Myprotein teams up with Wonder Woman 1984 for a tee, shaker and protein

myprotein x wonder woman 1984 warrior protein

Earlier this year, Myprotein did something we had never seen before in the, and that was team up with DC Comics for the first-ever authentic superhero product. The result was the special edition Justice League Hero Protein. While we had seen plenty of shakers featuring superheroes from Marvel and DC, no brand had collaborated for that sort of thing in the world of supplements.

The one knock we had on Myprotein’s DC Comics partnership was we felt the branding and label design of Justice League Hero Protein could have been more eye-catching. It turns out, Myprotein has teamed up with DC Comics once again for another special edition supplement, which ties in with the upcoming DC superhero film, Wonder Woman 1984, and this time, the branding is on point.

Myprotein has come together with DC Comics and Wonder Woman 1984 for a box set themed around the highly anticipated movie. The box features Wonder Woman herself on the front, surrounded by an awesome black and gold color scheme. That theme continues on the inside into its three products; a Wonder Woman 1984 tee, stainless steel shaker, and Warrior Protein.

myprotein x wonder woman 1984

The Myprotein and Wonder Woman 1984 protein powder, named Warrior Protein, is essentially a special edition version of the brand’s signature whey-based supplement, Impact Whey Protein. It is a lean source of protein, made with whey concentrate, and the flavor of the product is quite a unique one with Caramel Macchiato.

Next week, you will be able to purchase Myprotein’s collaboration with DC Comics and Wonder Woman 1984 through its international online store at The bundle with the tee, stainless steel shaker, and small 250g bag of Warrior Protein is going to cost you £24.99 (32.97 USD). The only item from that bundle you’ll be able to purchase separately will be the shaker at £8.99.