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Tiger Fitness launches Brandon Curry’s other O15 Nutrition pre-workout

o15 nutrition exalt and expansion

After Brandon Curry’s brand O15 Nutrition released its first real supplement with the stimulant-free pump pre-workout Expansion, a couple of days ago, it has gone and dropped its other pre-workout Exalt. We actually thought Exalt was going to be out and available before Expansion due to it being the brand’s premier stimulant-powered competitor.

O15 Nutrition’s supplement is now in stock alongside Expansion over at its retail partner Tiger Fitness, and as previously mentioned, you can stack the two together. Exalt is a stimulant-based product formulated for energy, focus, pumps, and performance, while Expansion focuses more on pumps and performance, which all come together if you stack them.

The regular price of O15 Nutrition’s pre-workout Exalt is a bit more than Expansion at $39.99 versus $34.99, with unfortunately no stack or extra discount available if you grab the two together. Tiger Fitness is however, still running its Mr. Olympia sale where you can get 15% off everything on its website, making Exalt slightly more competitive at $33.99.