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Unbreakable Performance completes its launch with 100% Whey and Energized Amino

unbreaklable performance whey and energized amino

We recently posted about two products that are still coming soon from the all-new brand Unbreakable Performance from Jay Glazer and the major supplement retailer GNC. Those products were 100% Whey and Energized Amino, which were missing from the brand’s debut with Whey Isolate, Protein Shake, Amino, Plant-Based Amino, and Pre-Workout.

For those that liked the sound of 100% Whey, Unbreakable Performance’s more cost-effective, and the energy infused Energized Amino, both of those supplements have now become available at GNC. Like four of the brand’s five products, 100% Whey and Energized Amino are priced at exactly $24.99, with 30 servings in Energized Amino and 25 in 100% Whey.